Mobile Ticketing @ Six Nations Games

Following the successful partnership between O2 and Mobiqaduring 11 events at the recent O2 Music Festival, Mobiqa is onceagain supplying mobi-tickets™ for the exclusive O2 Blue Spaces,this time at Twickenham, the home of English rugby…

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The O2 Blue Space is available exclusively to O2 mobilecustomers and their friends and offers O2 rugby fans free food,hot drinks and entertainment. There will be live TV of pre-matchaction and a bucking bronco rugby ball to test the averagefan's balance. Hot drinks, muffins and cakes will beavailable post-match. Blue Spaces will be available at each ofthe three autumn internationals and the two Six Nations matchesin spring 2006. All five matches are expected to besell-outs.

How do mobi-tickets™ work?

To enter the Blue Space an O2 customer sends a text toa short-code requesting a mobi-ticket™. In less than 30 secondsMobiqa generates a unique barcode ticket and delivers itdirectly to the customer's mobile via a standard textmessage. The customer then presents their mobi-ticket™ at theentrance to the Blue Space where it is scanned andverified.

"The exciting thing about these Twickenham events is howthey demonstrate the use of the Mobiqa ticketing service as acomplete solution, including automatic access control. Thismeans that all the benefits of mobi-tickets™ can be enjoyed atlarge-scale sports stadia and entertainment events." SaidIain McCready, Chief Executive, Mobiqa.

Partners in the Six Nations deal

To deliver this service at Twickenham on behalf of O2,Mobiqa's business partner Mobile Interactive Group willhandle ticket requests; Mobiqa will handle all ticket deliveryand redemption; and Ski Data will provide the turnstiles toverify the tickets at Blue Space entrances.

"Delivering tickets and vouchers direct to the mobile phoneoffers significant benefits for customers, events organisers andbrands. O2 is working closely with its partners in this area todevelop market-leading propositions for all types of companies,as well as to offer rewards and treats for our own customerbase," said Paul Samuels, Head of Sponsorship, O2.

Based in the UK, Mobiqa Ltd is the world leader in mobileticketing and mobile couponing solutions. Mobiqa barcodetechnology is an integral part of their products:Mobi-ticketsTM, Mobi-passTM, Mobi-couponsTM, Mobi-voucherTM andMobi-rewardcardsTM. O2 are working in partnership with Mobiqa todeliver a range of special events and VIP access, exclusively toits customers.

About O2:
O2is a leading provider of mobile services to consumers andbusinesses in the UK. It is the leader in non-voice services,including text, media messaging, games, music and video, as wellas always-on data connections via GPRS, 3G and WLAN. Each monthO2's 15 million customers send more than three quarters of abillion text messages. O2 (UK) is a subsidiary of O2 plc, whichalso owns O2 branded mobile operators in Ireland and Germany aswell as the O2 Airwave emergency services network in the UK. O2and the O2 logo are registered trademarks of the O2 group ofcompanies.

About Mobiqa:
Mobiqa is a world leader inmobile ticketing and mobile couponing solutions. Mobiqa'sservices are based on the delivery of standard barcodes tomobile phones via SMS and MMS. Their patented technology ensuresthat the barcoded tickets/coupons hit all standard handsets onthe market. " The company has created a number of'world firsts' in concert and event ticketing as well asmultimedia coupon promotions. " Mobiqa technology isavailable on six continents and in 28 countries including USAand China " Mobiqa is a private limited companyheadquartered in Scotland.

About Mobile Interactive Group:
Mobile Interactive Group(MIG) is a global multimedia mobile servicesprovider. Using its own purpose built technology, MIG is atrusted global gateway for the billing and high-speed deliveryof high-volume multimedia mobile content. MIG's corebroadcast product, Votewinner, is capable of processingthousands of votes per second. Together with MIG's provengateway throughput, Votewinner is custom designed to supportlarge high capacity voting campaigns. MIG delivers turn keymultimedia mobile services to customers such as ITV,FremantleMedia and O2. MIG has premium sms connections with allmajor mobile operators and can deliver mobile services to usersin the UK, Ireland, Europe and Asia.

About Ski Data:
SKIDATA AG is aninternational market leader in tailored, business-optimisedturnkey solutions for access management at parking facilities,ski resorts, trade fair centres, sports stadiums, leisure parks,and leisure pool facilities. SKIDATA also provide modular systemcomponents. Currently, more than 3,500 SKIDATA applications arebeing operated successfully in more than 30 countriesworldwide.

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