Next Gen Mobile Apps Panel Launches

University of Oxford Launches Next Generation MobileApplications Panel

Launched earlier this month, the University of Oxford NextGeneration Mobile Applications Panel is already attracting someof the best and most creative thinkers in the mobile appsindustry, gaining 165+ members in its first 10 days.

This web discussion forum is a joint Oxford Universityinitiative between industry and the Department of ContinuingEducation.

The Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel will bringtogether the best thinkers in the telecoms industry and enablethe discussion of thoughts and ideas on all aspects of MobileApplications with other like-minded members of thecommunity.

A quarterly journal will also be produced to enable the mostinteresting topics and insightful comments to be published underthe auspices of the Oxford University Next Generation MobileApplications Panel.

Chaired by Ajit Jaokar, Futuretext Publishing and the ForumModerator, and Tomi Ahonen, author and 3G Consultant, theforum is free to join and is sponsored by the University ofOxford Electronics and Telecoms Programme.

To register for the forum visit

You can register using the "create new account"section on the right-hand side of the above webpage (ignore thereferences to "courses").

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