New Venture Auctions Online Ad Space

An interesting new venture has just got off the blocks inthe UK , modelled along eBay lines – except this site auctions internetad space. So how can you, as they claim, maximise online ad revenue byauctioning spare inventory on

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Blankspace have developed a unique trading platform aimedexclusively at buyers and sellers of online advertisingspace.

Operating along similar lines to the internationally acclaimedebay, it allows media owners to sell web advertising space byauction or buy it now prices. It provides a boost to owners ofwebsites forced to sell space through syndicates or by bannerswapping, by increasing the value of their space and ultimatelydelivering greater profit.

"Lots of sites aren't big enough to interest the bigadvertisers and have limited options for selling ad space,Ultimately they get a very low rate for their traffic. We hopeto enable them to increase the value of their space and boostrevenue." Nick York – MD Blankspace Ltd

The site is ideally suited to small niche sites, sites sellingsurplus space in a hurry or sites selling premium “one-off”slots. You decide the price and wait for new customers to buy orbid.

Blankspace are currently building a database of users and areactively seeking out new partners, with a view to promoting thesite heavily in the next few months.


For more information please visit

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