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Making Money from Blogs: Interview

In a few short years blogging has journeyed from the reserve of the geek to a cottage industry, turning into a full-time career for many. How can individuals or businesses start making money from blogging? New Media Knowledge went in search of answers.


Finding a Voice: New Tool Aims to Help Bloggers Improve SEO

With blogging still on the rise and even providing a comfortable living for some, a new tool has been made available to help bloggers to draft more search engine-friendly copy. NMK spoke to the people behind it.


Bloggers Face Jail

A new report has revealed how governments around the world are continuing to clamp down on bloggers. Bloggers risk facing jail by governments which feel threatened by the growing influence of bloggers according to the World Information Access (WIA) report by the University of Washington.


Most Senior Tech Execs Blog

The merits of business blogging are still widely debated amongst those that operate in the online space and their offline contemporaries. However, a new worldwide survey by Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, in association with UK member agency, Six Degrees, has found that the majority (53 per cent) of senior technology execs contribute to a blog.


Brands Meet Blogs

At the Shiny Media Blogs and Brands seminar on Friday 6th July, Helen Nowicka of Shiny Red unveiled the results of some new research into the attitudes and behaviours of online audiences.


Blogging 2.0

Notes from a roundtable discussion for Microsoft on the future of blogging.


The New Rules of Blogging

Despite its alleged benefits, blogging costs time. And time is money. A new paper by Max Christian Hansen argues that new blogger should count the cost before they enter the fray. Ian Delaney examines the arguments.


Edelman Blogging Brief

PR giant Edelman releases a new report into the nature of blogs and blogging and finds that UK blogs have become increasingly influential.


Blogging: A Real Conversation?

This 28 June event examined the increasing importance and influence of blogs - as sources of trusted opinion and as a barometer of the shifting balance of power in media publishing. Read the report & listen to MP3s...


ABC Of Blogging To Market

For those playing catch up, a quick overview of the blog: what it is, its benefits for internal and external communications, its community function, and the value it can add to online projects...


Mobile - a new blogosphere

The blogging phenomenon proves it is consumers who are driving new thought and innovation. Mobile phones too can unite like-minded individuals. But the mBlog? Peter Larsen says it is more than just a hybrid of the two...


The Weblog - A Deja Vu

Philip Buxton has a deja vu with the latest hip blogging that businesses must 'get into'.


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