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Conservationists Embrace Social Media

Television is increasingly embracing new media to reach new audiences and add interesting applications. New Media Knowledge talks to the people behind a new online conservation series that aims to raise wider awareness of the plight of endangered species.


Industry Welcomes 4iP

Channel 4 launched its 4iP initiative this week which aims to stimulate public service digital media across the UK. New Media Knowledge engaged the UK digital media community to see what it thought of 4iP.


YouTube gets into Top Gear

With the BBC launching its own Top Gear YouTube channel, Tim Hoang looks at the reasons for this move into video-sharing sites.


Industry Welcomes Intel/Yahoo! Internet TV Tie-In

Chip giant Intel and media outfit Yahoo! have come together to create the ‘Widget Channel’, a television application framework primed for TV and other consumer electronics devices.


Money Rich Media

One of the growing concerns with the businesses looking to invest in the social media phenomenon is whether such sites can actually generate substantial revenue. The key to portals such as MySpace, Bebo and the like is that they are free and allow anyone to access content.


Web TV on DVD

The success of web TV shows such as Bebo’s Kate Modern and Lonely Girl 15 has lead to a renewed interest in the industry. MySpace has just announced plans to distribute its own TV shows through television and DVD, as it seeks to broaden its reach away from the computer.


Online TV set for Success

Legitimate online TV and video services are set to generate revenues of $7.9 billion worldwide by 2013, according to a report by Informa Telecoms & Media.


YouTube 'beats' TV

Well, TV websites, that is. For the first time, during the week of February 17, the user-generated video-sharing site beat the combined traffic of all the television network websites, according to metrics company Hitwise.


Communities Drive TV Versus Web Ads

Jonathan Guthrie, CEO of MGt, discusses how the television industry is fighting back against the Internet advertising bogeyman - through communities, web aquisitions and multiplatform CRM...


Downloading TV Online Becomes Habitual

Television is no longer just watched through a TV set and downloading TV programmes via the internet is becoming habitual. Increasing numbers of people watch TV through their mobile phone or through the internet (via a PC or laptop), new research reveals...


Broadband Takes On TV

British award wining web site has featured the first podcast with the US writer who is suing the makers of the film, The Matrix, for allegedly plagiarising her script...


TV Has A Short Future

London-based HYPtv, positioned as the world's first true creative broadcast channel, is now broadcasting a fortnightly programme of bite-sized creativity on Sky, is coming soon on ipTV broadband channel, and has plans for mobile streaming....


Is TV On Demand TV Reinvented?

Convergence is finally upon us. But the impact on TV is more profound than predicted, with brands, distribution, rights and consumer habits all being disrupted and re-cast. Such are the hallmarks of media in a transitional phase of development, says Michael Nutley...


TV Search Engine Gains 1 Million Users

TV Genius, the intelligent search engine for UK television, has passed the one million user mark, supported by editorial and premium SMS alerts for its most popular listings...


Personalised Advertising on TV

Advertising on TV is about to change as broadband TV starts to take off. It will become more personalised and more localised. Peter Bates outlines the new challenges and opportunities this will create...


Ascent Of Digital Cable TV

Recent advances in the functionality and interactivity of digital cable TV provide a compelling alternative to satellite for channel owners and advertisers wanting to increase audience share and reach, says David Ratcliffe...


Universal flex content muscles

Universal Music is to charge broadcasters for videos across online and VOD media platforms, and is launching its own channel. What does this augur for music programming, distribution and promotion asks Eamonn Forde...


The Future of Reality TV

Reality TV represents a revolution in popular culture. Discuss.


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