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What Happens to Radio?

NMK’s event on Tuesday 27 February attracted a packed room of radio industry professionals, digital media experts and service providers eager to discuss the next stages of this unique medium.


Easy Listening: Radio and the Web

Radio as we know it is changing. With more and more Internet radio channels cropping up and multiple platforms with which to consume them, choice for the listener has arguably never been wider. With its public seminar on the future of radio upcoming later this month, New Media Knowledge spoke to one of the participants about his experience.


Social Media in Practice: BBC Radio 5 Live

Web publishers and broadcasters always have to look for new and innovative ways to maintain existing audiences and win new ones. When BBC Radio 5 Live realised it was losing listeners to other sources of football-based content it launched a new service to win them back. New Media Knowledge met the people responsible.


Radio Gets It Right

A survey commission by Rajar has revealed that more than 14.5 million people in the UK listened to Internet radio between April and May. The popularity of services such as iPlayer, which also streams radio as well as TV, is helping increase the number of radio listeners overall.


Radio Silence

Music streaming service, Pandora is set to close its UK operation next week after failing to reach a compromise with the record industry, reports Tim Hoang.


Does Radio Have a Future?

How technology is impacting radio and the need for evolution to incorporate new developments for the medium's survival was explored at a recent conference on the future of radio...


Global Web Radio Set To Local Time

An innovative project aims to make Internet Radio finally hit the right note at the right time, thanks to a new broadcasting system developed by Dutch-based international radio programmer and consultant Terry Purvis...


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