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Making Money from Blogs: Interview

In a few short years blogging has journeyed from the reserve of the geek to a cottage industry, turning into a full-time career for many. How can individuals or businesses start making money from blogging? New Media Knowledge went in search of answers.


Finding a Voice: New Tool Aims to Help Bloggers Improve SEO

With blogging still on the rise and even providing a comfortable living for some, a new tool has been made available to help bloggers to draft more search engine-friendly copy. NMK spoke to the people behind it.


School of Thought: Social Networking to Enter Curriculum

Children should be taught new media, such as social networking, blogging and podcasting by the time they enter secondary education, according to proposals. New Media Knowledge took a look at how this might work.


Network Buys vs. Influencer Engagement – what’s really best for reach?

Digital marketing strategist Leon Bailey-Green discusses likely changes in the nature of brand awareness campaigns online.


Change of Voice: Interview with voice-to-content developer SpinVox

The choice of channels in which humans have to communicate with and update their friends, family and associates has grown inexorable in the last decade. One growing channel is the instant conversion of voice-to-content. New Media Knowledge met a UK innovator pioneering the technology.


The Rise and Rise of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing is set to become big business in 2009, according to industry analysts. NMK spoke to one analytical firm helping a number of firms maximise their word-of-mouth potential and therefore react quickly to changing market demands.


Break for the Borders

Book retailer Borders has become the latest retailer to use social media marketing. New Media Knowledge spoke to industry players about how this sector can gain from a conversational approach.


Record Visits for UK Blog Sites

Nearly half of the UK’s online population visited at least one blog during August, according to a survey. Yet one recent report said blogging’s day has passed, so what’s the true reflection? New Media Knowledge spoke to three prominent bloggers for their take.


Bloggers Face Jail

A new report has revealed how governments around the world are continuing to clamp down on bloggers. Bloggers risk facing jail by governments which feel threatened by the growing influence of bloggers according to the World Information Access (WIA) report by the University of Washington.


Bloggers Lost in Legal Fog

On May 28, the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 laws will come into force and cause some corporations to reassess their use of social media marketing techniques.


Influencers... Don't?

A recent study from Canadian research group, Pollara, could prove to be a rude awakening for marketers keen to exploit social media as a channel for pushing brand messages. According to the study, so called social media influencers may not have as much sway as marketers thought them to.


Most Senior Tech Execs Blog

The merits of business blogging are still widely debated amongst those that operate in the online space and their offline contemporaries. However, a new worldwide survey by Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, in association with UK member agency, Six Degrees, has found that the majority (53 per cent) of senior technology execs contribute to a blog.


Blogs not in the Marketing Mix

A survey from Webtrends shows that few businesses have embraced the ‘push-button publishing’  power of blogs and that email remains the number one marketing tool for firms on the Web.


Brands Meet Blogs

At the Shiny Media Blogs and Brands seminar on Friday 6th July, Helen Nowicka of Shiny Red unveiled the results of some new research into the attitudes and behaviours of online audiences.


Blogs versus Forums

Have blogs been over-rated? David Crane of 23 argues that businesses might do better to pay closer attention to the humble forum rather than jump straight into the trendiest new format.


Blooming Newspaper Blogs

Internet metrics firm Nielsen//Netratings has announced that web traffic to the blog pages of the top 10 online newspapers grew by 210 percent year-on-year during December.


Newspapers Beat Blogs on Mobility

Significantly more newspaper websites offer mobile versions of their content than blogs, according to research carried out by The Bivings Group, a Washington DC-based Internet communications firm. Ian Delaney reports.


Blogs Move Up UK Publishers' Agenda

Publishers' blogs and user-generated content (UGC) have debuted on the Association of Online Publishers' annual Awards shortlist. With UGC rocketing, the online publishing industry are using blogs and community-driven content to boost their proposition...


UK Companies Lag In Blog & RSS Stakes

Whilst blogs and RSS are causing a PR revolution in corporate America, the UK is only just starting to get the message, a new survey finds...


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