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Kangaroo Court: Future of Joint Video Venture Hangs in the Balance

With three major online video providers objecting to BBC, ITV and Channel 4’s joint venture, Kangaroo, New Media Knowledge canvassed opinion from around the digital industry to see what impact Kangaroo may have, if permitted to operate.


Conservationists Embrace Social Media

Television is increasingly embracing new media to reach new audiences and add interesting applications. New Media Knowledge talks to the people behind a new online conservation series that aims to raise wider awareness of the plight of endangered species.


YouTube gets into Top Gear

With the BBC launching its own Top Gear YouTube channel, Tim Hoang looks at the reasons for this move into video-sharing sites.


Online Videos: Engaging your Users

Online video is big business nowadays. Websites dedicated to video like Youtube, BBC iPlayer and 4oD have taken off in a big way, and an increasing number of websites are introducing video content to keep users engaged.


TiVo down the YouTube?

The IPTV market is growing. Usually associated with user generated content on Web sites such as YouTube, the success of video-on-demand services, such as BBC's iPlayer and online mini soap operas such as Kate Modern has proven that there is a healthy appetite for viewing video content on computers.


TV Struggles With Ads

Traditional TV advertising is becoming less impactful as viewers begin to create their own schedules, according to eMarketer. Technology such as digital video recorders (DVRs), video-on-demand (VOD) and time-shift TV has meant that advertising is often skipped or avoided altogether.


Money Rich Media

One of the growing concerns with the businesses looking to invest in the social media phenomenon is whether such sites can actually generate substantial revenue. The key to portals such as MySpace, Bebo and the like is that they are free and allow anyone to access content.


EU to Fund IPTV Standard

The EU has announced plans to spend £10.5m on establishing a standard way to view video content over the Internet.


BBC Leads Web TV Market

The success of the BBC’s iPlayer service has led media analyst firm, Screen Digest to revise its usage and data forecasts on the online TV market in the UK.


Web TV Quick to Gain Ground

Marketers and advertisers based in the UK are investing their budgets in on-demand and Web TV as the nation’s viewing habits become increasingly fragmented. According to the Informa Telecoms & Media report, Online TV and Video: Beyond User-Generated Content, next year the UK will be second only to the US in terms of online TV and video revenues.


Who's Paying for Internet TV

Kate Modern, Bebo’s hugely successful teen drama has showed the industry that web-based TV can be free, successful and profitable. Tim Hoang looks at who is paying for these shows and how they are paying for it.


iTV Show Europe 2007

NMK is pleased to announced its media sponsorship of the iTV Show Europe 2007.


I Want My IPTV - Key Themes

The intersection of TV and video, a TV and teclo market ripe for disprution, the role of the EPG, trust in brands and the rise of user-generated content were among the key themes to emerge from NMK's 'I Want My IPTV' half-day event (in association with Mike Butcher) held on 25th May, says Paul Robinson...


IPTV & Communities Of Interest

Broadband TV or IPTV has finally started to take off. But how can service providers differentiate themselves from cable and satellite operators? By developing communities of interest, says Peter Bates...


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