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Making a Splash: Google Wave Wows Users

Google Wave, the Internet search giant’s "new personal communication and collaboration tool", is currently being road-tested by thousands of volunteers. New Media Knowledge’s Chris Lee caught up with leading charity Dogs Trust to gain feedback on how it was using the tool.


Can Losers Come First?

Tino Nombro, MD of Ambergreen, examines the changes in Google and the significance of not ranking first.


Making Sense of Search Positions

Grant Whiteside from Ambergreen examines the science and strategy in Google organic search positions.

more Brings Back the Butler has reverted to its original brand – – in the UK, just three years after the iconic butler was dropped by the search engine. New Media Knowledge’s Chris Lee caught up with AskJeeves to find out why.


Oparla Brings New Approach to Search Space

A new search engine has been launched which promises to pay users to use its service to search. Although currently in Beta, New Media Knowledge took a look at and assesses its prospects in a tough market.


Is Technical SEO Dead?

Gary Reid from The Search Works argues that today’s search consultants won’t be concentrating on tags and structure, but a broader set of business skills.


White Paper: ‘Shut Up, Listen and Spin’ Online PR and Social Media Agency Work

Roger Warner of Content and Motion presents a five-step plan for planning, creating and measuring the effectiveness of social media campaigns.


Search Party: Interview with Kevin Ryan

Organisations are predicted to spend an increasing share of their marketing budgets on search engine optimisation in 2009. But what are the new themes and issues that will tax organisations in their efforts to make the most of search?


Rough Guide to: Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on the Web has been one of the major growth sectors in marketing. Last year, Internet search engine Google overtook ITV for monies received from advertising and nearly $2 billion was spent on PPC globally. New Media Knowledge spoke to a PPC consultant to gauge what companies looking at the technology should consider.


Window of Opportunity for Microsoft and Facebook

Microsoft’s continued pursuit of Google has taken a positive step, following the announcement that the Redmond-based company will provide the search tools for Facebook’s 90 million users.


Google Faces Street View Critics

Google Maps is an ingenious product and much like Google Earth satisfied many curious minds on a lunch break. With Google Street View, however, the reception has not been so positive. The ability to view locations as if we driving through them has come under fire over privacy issues.


Google Finally Doubleclicks

Google has strengthened its position in the online advertising space by finally acquiring DoubleClick for $3.1 billion. Tim Hoang reports.


Encyclopaedic Knowledge

Search and advertising giant, Google is developing an online encyclopaedia that looks set to go head to head with Wikipedia, Tim Hoang reports.


Visibility in Search

The UK’s small and medium sized businesses are wasting an estimated £3bn investing in websites that are virtually invisible to search engines according to a new report. With nearly 70 per cent of the UK population online, Tim Hoang reports on whether UK firms are missing a potentially lucrative trick.


The PageRank Debate

Google has altered its algorithms with a negative affect on the search rankings of many high profile sites. Google has confirmed that it is is downgrading the PageRank (PR) of any sites that seeks to improve its site ranking through mass link purchase. This has caused many rumblings in the blogosphere - with some questioning the worth of PR. Tim Hoang examines the debate.


Keywords and Creativity

Ken McGaffin and Neil Davidson gave a great seminar here at NMK on the subject of Keyword Creativity. How understanding the way that people are searching for you - and your competitors - might inform what you create for them.


NMK Forum: Jason Calacanis

The first keynote of the conference, Jason Calacanis, proclaimed that there is an environmental crisis on the Internet, and that SEO is responsible for it.


UK Google Analytics users beware

Since its launch in 2005 Google Analytics has become a well loved free statistics tool by UK bloggers, publishers and marketers alike. Yet, Chris Lightfoot explains, users of the service could be in breach of the UK Data Protection Act.


PayPerClick Ads: Google or Yahoo?

Choosing the right platform for your pay per click advertising campaign is not as straightforward as you might think. Daniel Jupp takes a look at the pros and cons...


Track Attack

Applejack's MD Peter Stubbs believes that Google's conversion tracking tools don't work, and that their communication to the user regarding tracking is flawed. Here he outlines why...


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