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The importance of carefully drafted contracts to IT systems development

This article highlights the importance of IT developers having a comprehensive and carefully drafted development contract with their clients in place before commencing any IT project.


Tearing Down the Walls

In this article, Dr. Elayne Coakes analyses the project Tearing Down the Walls, which draws upon a Web 2.0 infrastructure to provide an environment in which students develop applications in accordance with their needs. The project idea came from Roger James, Information Systems Director at the University of Westminster. He wondered what would happen if students were allowed to develop new applications for other students and maybe staff within the existing ‘garden walls’ of the university’s applications. The project is called internally TWOLER where the ‘LER’ stands for Lightweight Enterprise RSS and the ‘TWO’ for Web 2.0.


Guardian Mobilises

The Guardian this week launched its new mobile site. NMK talked to project lead Marcus Austin to learn more about the company's strategy over the site.


Interesting Stunt

Carsonified - one of the leading UK digital events companies, with a couple of web applications also under its aegis - is developing a wholly new application this week. Ian Delaney reports.


Web 2.0: Functionality For The People?

With more web products in public (and perpetual) beta, audiences and especially early adopters are being brought into the usability and design-testing process. But are they really the litmus test for what will fly given the often differing demands of the mass market, asks Michael Nutley...


e-Marketing Breeds New Events

The drive towards more Web marketing is heralding a new breed of tailored events for dispersed brand stakeholders and developers. Discover the emerging trend towards tailored, private events for online brand communities...


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