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Virtual communities and the democratic debate: online discussions not always bring freedom of speech

Much has been discussed by academics and practitioners about the role of virtual communities in promoting open debate, and so improving the quality of public participation and underpinning democracy. However virtual communities do not necessarily have full freedom of speech.


Empower or lose power: A discussion on the age of democratic consumerism in modern business and politics

Getting feedback from your customers isn't enough anymore. Letting your staff have their say as a token gesture doesn't wash. Customers, employees, citizens don't just want to be heard, they want to be involved - or at least have the opportunity to be involved. And if you don't provide that opportunity they'll do it themselves – and make noise doing it. In this article, Chris Quigley proposes that it is time to say hello to the era of "democratic consumerism".


Digital Hotbeds: Go West – the Rebirth of Bristol

In the latest instalment of its tour around the UK in search of digital innovation, NMK's Chris Lee headed west to visit an unsung corner alive with ideas: Bristol.


Alexander McCall-Smith Engages Web 2.0

The Daily Telegraph is in the middle of a 20-week serialisation of an online book created by author Alexander McCall-Smith, his first such project. New Media Knowledge caught up with the organisers to discuss ‘Corduroy Mansions’.


The Community Glue

Penny Power, Founder of Ecademy, looks at Community Managers and what they can do to help their Social network survive.


FOWA: Building a Community

Matthew Haughey of Metafilter talked about the lessons he'd learned about looking after online communities through running the site since it was founded in 1999. The site started as a fairly simple, multi-user weblog where bloggers could trade links. Today, it has developed into a location with 4mn visitors a month, serving 12mn pages.


Vacancy: NMK Community Manager

The NMK team is being renewed and we have an opportunity for a manager who can combine team development with the prime responsibility for marketing NMK to its community


AOL Innovation in The Community Awards

Innovative use of the Internet has secured AOL Innovation in the Community Awards of 2,000 for 30 forward-thinking charities and community groups across the UK. The environment, promoting writing talent and the representation of ethnic minorities were among the projects garlanded...


Building Online Communities

Amy Jo Kim outlines her strategies for building successful online communities.


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