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Customer service must keep a place for paper

Research shows a third of businesses are filing away and ignoring customer queries that arrive on paper. Charlotte Marshall, Managing Director of Iron Mountain in the UK, wants to examine this problem and why the integration of paper and automated customer service management is such an issue for businesses today. By Charlotte Marshall.


The time has finally come to unleash mobile ecommerce

Every year is expected to be ‘the year of mobile e-commerce’ and yet it never is! However, with Branding Brand predicting that more than 53% of visits to the top 500 e-tailers in 2014 will be from smartphones, we think it will be an important year for m-commerce. This comes after research carried out by the IMRG and Capgemini shows that in 2013 the UK spent £91bn in online sales, with sales via mobile devices increasing 138% from 2012. By Lee Cash.


Inattention a threat as mobile ad spend rockets

UK digital ad spend rose 15 per cent year-on-year during 2013 with mobile a key focus, according to new data. But as multiscreening becomes a cultural norm, advertisers face a stiff challenge for consumers’ attention, experts warn. By Chris Lee.


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Facebook pages and the importance of being personal

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By: NMK Created on: March 12th, 2012
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Brands who want success with social media marketing need to put the emphasis on “social”, according to a new report. New Media Knowledge caught up with the author. By Chris Lee.

By Chris Lee

Social network Facebook continues to dominate the minds of many marketers in 2012, key dilemmas being how to increase engagement and evaluate return on investment. When it comes to engagement, brands need to be far more personable to increase interaction with consumers, according to Luca Benini, managing director of social media management software firm, Buddy Media.

Creating social media profiles for brands is becoming more swift and simple than ever, thanks to the increasing capabilities of social media software suites. However, the real challenge lies in maintaining a creative and engaging profile and nurturing a growing community of followers simultaneously. Benini believes that today’s marketers “have a lot of plates to keep spinning”.

Getting personal

Buddy Media is used by eight of the world’s top ten global advertisers and is a tool often used to allow brands to tailor the way they speak to fans, in terms of their tone, the kind of questions they ask and imagery they use.

Buddy Media’s “A statistical review for the retail industry: strategies for effective Facebook wall posts” research revealed an array of key learnings which marketers can draw from.

“[The report] indicates that brands need to post at the optimum time to maximise engagement; for example, updates posted on Wednesdays saw on average an eight-percent higher engagement rate and posting outside of business hours resulted in a 20-percent increase,” Benini told NMK.

According to Buddy Media’s research:

- Brands should post four times a week, with Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday the most effective

- Alternatively, one post a day posted between 8pm - 7am local time for best results

- Engagement is eight per cent higher on Wednesdays

- Posts with 80 characters and less receive 66 per cent more engagement

- Questions get twice as much interaction than pure statement

- "Fill in the blank" posts increase engagement nine times

“While the above tips can be easily implemented and their impact will be felt right away, the greatest opportunity, and challenge, for marketers exists in personalising their social presences,” Benini said. “Tailoring social media content to ensure it uses appropriate language and images which appeal to your target audience is a fundamental success factor. A brand’s approach to its target audience can significantly boost likes and overall positive interaction, so companies can benefit hugely from monitoring which key words, images, etc. generate higher levels of engagement and then using what they’ve learnt.”

Benini cited the example of a high quality, women’s clothing retailer that wanted to increase brand awareness and engagement on Facebook. To achieve this, the team invested a lot of time in establishing which key post themes and call actions were most effective with their users. For example, they found that desire posts (for example “what are you dying to have in your wardrobe this season?”) generated 11,000 more impressions per post, compared to updates relating to careers or self-esteem. Armed with this knowledge, the retailer was able to generate posts which received 99 per cent positive feedback and more than 10,000 more impressions per post.

Buddy Media’s Benini concluded: “Taking the time to get to know your audience and what it wants can dramatically improve a brand’s alignment with the ‘four Cs’ of social marketing: communication, community, content and creative. It might be time consuming, but it will prove worthwhile.”


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