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Customer service must keep a place for paper

Research shows a third of businesses are filing away and ignoring customer queries that arrive on paper. Charlotte Marshall, Managing Director of Iron Mountain in the UK, wants to examine this problem and why the integration of paper and automated customer service management is such an issue for businesses today. By Charlotte Marshall.


The time has finally come to unleash mobile ecommerce

Every year is expected to be ‘the year of mobile e-commerce’ and yet it never is! However, with Branding Brand predicting that more than 53% of visits to the top 500 e-tailers in 2014 will be from smartphones, we think it will be an important year for m-commerce. This comes after research carried out by the IMRG and Capgemini shows that in 2013 the UK spent £91bn in online sales, with sales via mobile devices increasing 138% from 2012. By Lee Cash.


Inattention a threat as mobile ad spend rockets

UK digital ad spend rose 15 per cent year-on-year during 2013 with mobile a key focus, according to new data. But as multiscreening becomes a cultural norm, advertisers face a stiff challenge for consumers’ attention, experts warn. By Chris Lee.


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How digital marketers can leverage the buying cycle and achieve greater results

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By: NMK Created on: December 19th, 2011
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White Paper discusses the various stages and channels utilised by the customer in the buying cycle and how businesses can garner this opportunity by optimising each stage and channel. By Krishna Rao.

By Krishna Rao

A new white paper by Software-as-a-Service marketing technology provider, Hydra highlights how digital marketing specialists can better leverage all stages of the buying cycle.

Titled “Optimising the Buying Cycle”, the white paper discusses how a consistent presence across all digital channels that helps to sway a prospect's decision in their favour is something that online marketers aspire to achieve. However, budget constraints and fierce competition combine, creating an obstacle that is difficult to overcome.

By understanding the stages of the buying cycle, the channels that are more suitable and the phrases most commonly used for each of these stages and chan¬nel combinations, online marketers can now easily determine the most suitable cross-channel spend and tactics to help them achieve their goals.

The paper looks at the five main stages that a customer goes through in the online buying cycle looking at the conversation that the customer has about products and brands and the combination of channels to meet their needs at each stage.

Each of the five stages: Adoption, Intention, Persuasion, Conversion and Retention, demands a different balance of influence exerted by others, and self-determination by the customer. The marketer’s challenge is to get this balance right and leverage it.

A full copy of Hydra’s White Paper “Optimising the Buying Cycle” is available for download.

About the author and Hydra

Krishna Rao is PR for Hydra, a provider of SaaS tools established in 2011. Gathering the collective requests and feedback of marketing executives, digital specialists, and agency professionals, One from Hydra is focused on driving revenue and return on investment (ROI) through integrated, efficient and optimised management and implementation of Phrase Marketing campaigns across online disciplines - Natural Search, Paid Search and Social Media. The One platform, a Hydra’s product, enables enterprise marketers to strategically and proactively monitor, report and participate in the conversation that existing and potential customers are having about their brand online.


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