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How mobiles & Facebook changed buying decisions of men and women

We all know that our gender influences our buying decisions. But what affects your response to online ads? According to recent studies, 56% of men who surf the web are more likely to respond to ads with coupons compared to women (39%). By Alex Hillsberg.


A client’s guide: How to approve a Google AdWords ad text

With more money spent on Google AdWords in the UK than on ITV, Channel 4 and 5 put together, attention is now turning to the creative element of the medium. The AdWords medium work in a unique waymeaning that clients have to evaluate prospective ad texts in a way that’s different to any other medium, with science and craft both playing a role. By Paul Booth.


Bing attracting advertisers as ad spend far outstrips Google

Ad spend on Microsoft’s Bing search engine grew at twice the rate of spending on arch rival Google in the first quarter of 2014, according to a new report. New Media Knowledge crunched the numbers. By Chris Lee.


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Beers & Innovation: Filthy Lucre

By: NMK Created on: July 13th, 2007
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What can the digital industry learn from the adult entertainment sector? At the latest in our Beers and Innovation series of events, NMK dons its grubby mac to uncover the ways in which mainstream internet businesses might evolve by emulating this often uninvestigated industry. How might you adopt some of these tools and techniques to generate new business, embrace change and engage with mass markets effectively?

Update: Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled due to too few bookings.

Date: 25th September
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue: The CC Club, The Trocadero, London (Map)
Price: £25
Booking: At present, bookings must be made via email to, who will contact you for further details, or by phone to +44 (0)20 7915 5412. Only credit cards can be accepted for payment.

The adult sector has led the way in media for many generations, and this remains the case now. When you hear about the threat from ‘user generated content’, it’s often from beleaguered mass media veterans concerned about bloggers stealing their audiences and consequently, their revenues. However, the adult industry has already faced and embraced a similar challenge. As the Times describes here, sales of explicit DVDs have dropped 30% since 2005. The rise of online video, rich mobile content and internet television are filling the gaps, but so are alternatives created by the former audience: UGC pornography has a massive following already. Rather than ignore it, like some parts of the mainstream media, the adult sector has created the hosting, facilitation and has had the imagination and courage to turn an apparent danger into new business opportunities.

The evening promises hot debate, spicy marketing secrets and clandestine encounters with some of the most innovative businesses on the Internet.

Chair: Helen Keegan, founder of BeepMarketing. Helen is one of the few people in the world to have real world experience in the theory and practice of wireless marketing. She knows what works (and what doesn’t) and is a leading advisor on best practice in the mobile marketing industry. She also runs the mobile marketing training course for the IDM (The Institute of Direct Marketing) and various mobile marketing courses in conjunction with 160 Characters, the messaging industry association.

Panel: TBC

Other Links: Inspiration for this event came in part from this blog posting by Seamus McCauley and this one on Techcrunch.


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