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Levi's Search For Girls Heroes Online

By: NMK Created on: July 21st, 2005
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Levi's are asking young women to nominate their most insprational female role model via the Girls Only area of the Levi's Europe website...

All you laydeez out there listen up. Who is the most influential female person in your life? Levi's Europe invites you to share your inspiration online...

Young women are interested in and influenced by role models. Through Levi's ongoing research and dialogue with their female target audience, they have found that modern girls are inspired by independently minded women, not always famous, but women who inspire through what they know, what they think, and what they accomplish.

They also note that the boundaries for inspiration are continually expanding across countries through travel, personal and working lives, media, and knowledge-sharing.

In the Girls Only section on they are inviting all girls to nominate the most inspirational female they know from anywhere in Europe. Is she a DJ, a Writer, an Artist, an Activist, a Dancer, a Bus Driver, a Charity Worker, a Singer, a Teacher, or your Mum, Aunty or even your Grandma? It could be this woman has an interesting job or because she's accomplished something you admire.

Deadline for submissions:
Whoever she is, Levi's are asking all visitors to nominate their inspiration so she may be profiled on Girls Only. Nominations can be submitted from 22nd July until 15th September to this Profile Competition on All you need to do is write briefly about your selected person and why you think she's great and deserves a nomination, and submit your entry.

Competition Prize:
A small panel of 'experts' will judge this competition: Our Girls Only Editor, the Levi's Digital Marketing Manager, and the Creative Director of Levi's web agency, Lateral. The winning entrant (nominator) will win an iPod. And the woman nominated by the winner will have a profile written about her by the Girls Only Editor.

About Levi's Europe:
Levi's Europe continues the focus on digital marketing innovation by expanding its Euro-pean website,, aimed at their target audience of 15-24 year old girls and guys. The website, developed by Levi's Europe's digital marketing agency Lateral, has already won two LIAA's, a BIMA, Cyber Lion, and a One Show Merit.


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