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How mobiles & Facebook changed buying decisions of men and women

We all know that our gender influences our buying decisions. But what affects your response to online ads? According to recent studies, 56% of men who surf the web are more likely to respond to ads with coupons compared to women (39%). By Alex Hillsberg.


A client’s guide: How to approve a Google AdWords ad text

With more money spent on Google AdWords in the UK than on ITV, Channel 4 and 5 put together, attention is now turning to the creative element of the medium. The AdWords medium work in a unique waymeaning that clients have to evaluate prospective ad texts in a way that’s different to any other medium, with science and craft both playing a role. By Paul Booth.


Bing attracting advertisers as ad spend far outstrips Google

Ad spend on Microsoft’s Bing search engine grew at twice the rate of spending on arch rival Google in the first quarter of 2014, according to a new report. New Media Knowledge crunched the numbers. By Chris Lee.


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By: NMK Created on: July 17th, 2003
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Elizabeth Varley on why knowing your readers' needs is the key to good content.

Elizabeth Varley on why knowing your readers' needs is key to good content.

Who's It For?

No matter what your website is for, it will need some written content. The text on your site lets readers know why they should be there; what they can buy, read, do or sign up for. It needs to tell readers what they will gain.

Knowing the current and intended audience is key when writing content for your site.

Who are they? Are you writing for current readers who already know your company, services and what your site's about? Do you need to attract new customers and describe your products?

When putting your content together ask yourself if you're aiming at businesspeople or the general public. People shopping for a new shampoo won't respond to the more formal language needed for your company's latest financial report.

What will your readers want to do on your site? If you're selling something, you need to think about why readers will be buying your product.

If buying for business, your reader will probably want to know the facts about your product, and quickly. Or perhaps it's a personal luxury item? Let them know how it will make them feel or how they will enjoy it.

Obviously, the best way to find out what your readers want from your site is to ask them. Talk to your readers, get their feedback via an online form or hold a focus group. Give them what they want on your site and they'll keep coming back.


Elizabeth Varley is a consultant content strategist, writer and editor, and the Director of Online Content UK - the network for new media editorial professionals. For more information got to and


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